It’s Not Just 3-Year-Olds: The Assholes Are Taking Over

Once upon a time I wrote a post called 3-Year-Olds are Assholes. It went viral on Huff Post Parents with over 380,000 shares on Facebook. Then I wrote a book under the same title, which Booktrope agreed to publish. It has illustrations by the amazing talented Shari Ryan.


After 3-Year-Olds are Assholes went viral, the award-winning author of Broken Pieces, Rachel Thompson, whom I adore, reached out to me with an idea. “Sarah, I want to write an article called Authors are Assholes. What do you think?” She said she would link back to 3-Year-Olds Are Assholes in the post.

What I thought was, that is a fucking genius idea!

“Go for it!’ I said.

So she went for it and it was hilarious! The Huffington Post published Authors Are Assholes and it went on to win a social media award.

Gabe Howard, my good friend and mental health advocate, asked me if he could write an article called “Mental Illness is An Asshole.”

Again, I thought: genius idea. Do it, Gabe. And he did it. It was amazing and Mental Illness is An Asshole got published by Elephant Journal.

Mia Fox, a friend of Rachel’s reached out to me with another asshole idea. She wanted to write an article called “Dogs Are Assholes.” Well of course I thought this was a great idea. I had her guest post on OS/NS Mom with it.

The truth is, everyone is an asshole sometimes. I am glad the idea of calling people and thing assholes is spreading. The assholes are spreading. I embrace this generation of assholes and I welcome you to categorize something in your life as an asshole if it gives you a sense of catharsis.

3 Year Olds Are A**holes

Welcome to the official website for the book 3 Year Olds Are A**holesĀ By the amazing Sarah Fader. Sarah’s blog by the same title went viral on The Huffington Post. It currently has over 380,000 Facebook shares. It had many people talking about the real struggles of parenting.

Then something really exciting happened. Sarah signed a contract with Booktrope to create an illustrated story based on her article. The book features artwork best-selling author and artist Shari Ryan.

Stay tuned for sneak peaks from the book, funny words from Sarah, and much more!